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Wagmo Pet Insurance Review

Barret WilliamsNovember 5, 2021

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Wagmo Pet Insurance

4.8 / 5 Stars

Best for Pet Health Maintenance
- 4.8 / 5 Stars - Best for Pet Health Maintenance

Wagmo offers policies to help maintain your pet's health over time.

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  • Coverage Types: Dog, Cat
  • Size of Network: Nationwide for wellness plans. Limited states for emergency insurance
  • Waiting Period: 15 days in most cases. 30 days for cancer
  • Multi-pet Discount: 5%
  • Wagmo allows you to customize your coverage, so you can get to a price point that works with your budget.
  • Wagmo is accepted at all vets across the U.S.
  • Wagmo offers both Pet Wellness and Pet Insurance plans. Pick only what is best for your pet.
  • Get reimbursed fast. Wagmo reimburses customers for expenses right away via Venmo, PayPal, and more!

Wagmo earns top marks for its reimbursement process, online experience and highly rated customer service.  Offering both traditional emergency pet insurance (based on your state) and a standalone wellness plan that can help maintain your pet’s health over time, we love the unique flexibility offered by Wagmo’s policies. Plan pricing is competitive with the market and the claims process is reported to be a breeze. The only negative on our radar is that pre-existing issues are not covered. 

Read our Wagmo Pet Insurance Review.

Wagmo Company Overview

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in New York City, Wagmo was built to help pet parents keep their pets healthy. After caring for her terminally ill dog, CEO and co-founder Christie Horvath realized there wasn’t a good insurance option available for pet maintenance. Enter Wagmo, the pet insurance offering meant to help people get reimbursed for ongoing pet maintenance like vaccines, medication, and even grooming. 

Wagmo doesn’t technically issue pet insurance. They are an insurance agency. This means that Wagmo makes money for every policy they sell. If you sign-up for a policy through Wagmo, your pet’s  insurance will be underwritten by National Specialty Insurance Company. Does this really matter?  We don’t think so. National Specialty Insurance Company was founded in 1960, lending more than 50 year of experience to Wagmo’s concept. 

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Wagmo Pet Insurance

Wagmo offers both traditional pet insurance and wellness plans. But what does that mean?

A pet wellness plan - Wagmo’s claim to fame - reimburses customers for the routine maintenance needed to keep their pet healthy and happy.  This plan can offer reimbursement for things like flea and tick medication and grooming. Pricing is tiered based on the amount of reimbursements you expect to need over the course of a year. A wellness plan can be added to a pet insurance policy at any time and they are available nationwide. 

You’ll get reimbursed for expenses by submitting a photo of your receipt through Wagmo’s mobile app. Claims should be reviewed within 24 hours and are paid out using an electronic service like Venmo. Be aware that you can only submit expenses that have occurred after you’ve signed up for the pet wellness plan. 

Wagmo also offers traditional pet insurance. Before we take a closer look at available coverage options it’s important to note that Wagmo pet insurance isn’t available in all states.  Wagmo  may not be an option for you right away. However, if it is, Wagmo offers fairly robust policy options depending on your needs. 

There’s a 15 day waiting period after you sign-up before an insurable expense would be considered for coverage with an additional 15 days for any cancer related expenses. Cancer isn’t always covered by competing policies, so this is a plus. Policies may also provide cover for diagnostic tests and x-rays for illnesses or injuries. 

Those that live in a multi-pet household can enjoy a discount for bundling their policies. Paws up to that!

Wagmo Pricing

Like most pet insurance, Wagmo’s pricing is based on your pet. Pet insurance pricing is based on factors like the age of your pet, its breed (and the resulting health issues that they may be at risk of) and the area that you live in. With that being said, Wagmo offers flexible pricing and gives its customers the ability to choose between standard health insurance, a pet wellness plan or a combination of the two. Customers can also opt for high deductible plans to further reduce cost.

Wagmo Dog Insurance

Wagmo is able to offer dog insurance in certain states and start at $13 a month. Wellness plans are available nationwide. While dog insurance policies are available through Wagmo that cover cancer and diagnosis expenses, pre-existing coverage is not offered.

Wagmo Cat Insurance

Wagmo provides cat insurance in eligible states and can cost as little as $9 a month for a basic policy.. Wellness plans are available nationwide.

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Wagmo Reviews

Wagmo User Reviews

The general consensus on the popular web forum Reddit is that Wagmo lives up to its promise to pay claims quickly. Users report an easy claim process with quick payment. Facebook users report a similar story with “excellent customer service” and “fast payment” being recurring themes in comments. @meetwagmo, the company’s twitter account, also garners largely positive feedback. In an age of negative user feedback Wagmo’s online reputation makes our tail wag.  

Wagmo isn’t accredited by the BBB and neither is National Specialty Insurance Company. With that being said, there are only 3 public BBB complaints against National Specialty Insurance Company in the last 3 years, which does mean the company gets an A+ rating. Those complaints are also related to auto insurance policies. In a sensitive area like insurance where emotions can run high, the lack of claims against Wagmo or National Specialty Insurance Company is promising to see. 

Wagmo Complaints

While the company has an overwhelmingly positive level of feedback we will issue this word of caution - multiple users report that policies and coverage have changed over the years. This isn’t surprising given how young the company is. Creating a policy that provides consumers with value while also remaining profitable is a balancing act. This does not overly concern us, but it is something that you should weigh if you don’t want to be going through the quote process again in the event that your policy changes in the nearterm. 

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Getting A Quote with Wagmo

Getting a quote with Wagmo is fast and easy and can be done online in 5 minutes or less. This includes your pet’s name, age, breed and whether or not they are spayed or neutered. You’ll also need to supply your contact information.

Once all the relevant information is supplied, Wagmo will match you with policy options for both Wellness and Emergency Insurance (if available in your state) so that you can compare and select the choice that is right for you. The process is clean and simple, but if you need more time to decide your quote is valid for up to 30 days. 

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Final Thoughts on Wagmo Pet Insurance

Overall, we like the positive consumer experiences reported throughout social media. It’s not easy to find an insurance company that isn’t getting downvoted on the interwebs. Couple that with flexible policy options at affordable entry points for pricing, and we’d say that Wagmo is definitely worth considering as you look to protect your furry friend. 

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Compare Pet Insurance Offers

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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

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The best pet insurance for dog lovers.
  • Coverage Types: Cats, Dogs
  • Coverage Caps: $5k-Unlimited
  • Deductibles: $50-$1k
  • Accident Only Insurance Available: Yes
  • Multipet Discount: Yes, 5%

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  • Size of Network: National
  • Waiting period: 14-day waiting period for illnesses, accidents are 48 hours. 6-months for orthopedic conditions without a waiver.
  • Multi-pet Discount: 10%

Wagmo Logo.jpeg

Wagmo Pet Insurance

- 4.8 / 5 Stars

Best for Pet Health Maintenance
  • Coverage Types: Dog, Cat
  • Size of Network: Nationwide for wellness plans. Limited states for emergency insurance
  • Waiting Period: 15 days in most cases. 30 days for cancer
  • Multi-pet Discount: 5%


Is Wagmo Good Pet Insurance?

Wagmo offers competitive price points based on your pets needs and your personal budget. Pricing, deductibles and policy limits are all transparent which have lead this company to earn solid reviews with consumers.

How can I contact Wagmo Customer Service?

An easy way to get in touch with Wagmo is through their customer service email:

How can I file a pet insurance claim with Wagmo?

Filing claims is fast and convenient. Login to your Wagmo dashboard and find the file a claim option. You’ll need to supply receipts from there so that your expenses can be reimbursed. 

What vets accept Embrace pet insurance?

Embrace pet insurance is accepted by all veterinarians. Since pet insurance is reimbursement based, you go to your vet as you normally would and then submit a claim to Embrace for reimbursement.

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